Wayne Eaves

"Wayne is one of the finest, most gifted musicians on the planet!" boasts Ron. Another, Richmond, Virginian, Wayne is a musician's musician who plays clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone sax. He also sings and plays keyboards better than most full-time keyboard players, but it is as the soulful saxophonist in the Centaurs that leaves the audience in awe every night.

Starting at the tender age of 6, Wayne began piano lessons, which laid the foundation for a switch to clarinet in third grade. "My first clarinet was made of metal and cost $20.00", says Wayne. Throughout high school, he played in local Richmond groups such as The 9 Nobles and The Soulsenders, featuring Little Tommy and the Out-A-Sights, but Wayne's big break came when he was asked to join one of the premier show groups on the East Coast…Erin Farley and the Ovations. It was here, he perfected his craft in clubs up and down the Atlantic Seaboard.

"My biggest influences were Stanley Turrentine and the great King Curtis," says Eaves. "I also give much credit to two high school band directors who taught me how to play solos and what it meant to play with soul. Those teachers were Pete Westbrook and Ted Beach". Because of their tutoring, Wayne was first chair all-state band his senior year in high school.

Some people are blessed with the ability to do certain things very, very well. Wayne was born to play sax and as he says: "Playing music is more fun now than ever"…that's good news for us all.