Rich Mason

Rich is the most recent addition to the Centaur lineup. "What a great bass player!" says Ron. "We were one piece of the puzzle short. When we found Rich, everything just fell into place". His talent, dedication, and attitude are just what we needed to put everyone on the same page!"

Rich is a resident of King George County, Virginia. He began his musical journey in high school, first learning guitar, then switching to bass. He played in numerous area bands such as the Diplomats, Chesapeake, Ruff-Kutt, and Silver Wings. Along the way, Rich recorded with the Groovers who had a Billboard Top 100 hit covering the William Bell classic, "Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday". It was released on A & M Records in 1970. Aside from R&B, Rock, and Jazz, Rich is a fan of Gospel Music, and even performs at Shiloh Baptist Church, Ni River Community Church, and various other Fredericksburg churches.

His primary bass influences are Duck Dunn (Stax/Volt fame), Francis "Rocco" Prestia (Tower of Power), Victor Wooten, Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten Band), and Larry Graham.
Rich brings his own unique "finger-style" funk to complement the "blue-eyed Soul" of Ron Moody and the Centaurs.