Hudson Enroughty

Like most of the members of the band, Hudson was born, raised, and is still a resident of Richmond, Virginia. As early as age 5, he was banging on oatmeal boxes and infatuated with the different sounds. Thus began his lifelong passion for drums and percussion. Throughout elementary and high school, Hudson played in the school orchestra as well as his high school cadet band. During these formative years he was selected as first chair drummer.

As his musical world began to expand, he worked in various local and regional bands learning and experimenting with the styles of various genres. " I played every kind of music imaginable," continues Hudson. "Country, Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Rock & Roll, and Soul!" He was co-founder of The Camelots working the college and nightclub circuit in the '60s. Like fellow Centaur, Skeeter Glenn, Hudson was also a member of Gregory D and The Mainmen. Later in his career, he was also one of the founders of the group Breezy which was a popular Virginia group for many years.

Hudson's influences are the great Buddy Rich and Joe Morello of the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

"Hudson Enroughty is the most solid drummer I have ever had in the band," says Ron. "His timing is impeccable and that strong backbeat is what keeps folks on the dance floor!"

As Hudson adds, "There is a magic about playing music. It is always a great experience, but some nights, it's indescribable! It's on those nights, when you're in that zone, just like it happens in sports. On those nights, everything is right, everything works, and there's no other feeling like it…it's a feeling like nothing else I know!"