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linda hoppe
From: midlothian-virginia
E-mail: linda_hoppe@comcast.net
looking forward to receiving emails for updates-Hi-Ron
Linda and Fred
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Submitted by Comments:
Nancy F. Curtis
From: Richmond, Va.
E-mail: Sunshin889@aol.com
WOWWWWW !!!! What kind I say except YOU GUYS are a "SUPER DUPER" Band! Love ya and your music. Great stage performance, great talent, great personalities, (great looks-love the way you dress. Gosh how can I type now-your music just came on and put me into chair dancing. Your music is my kind of music, grew up with it, still like singing those songs and always will. Can't wait till you come back to Manchester Moose Lodge! You know how to make the crowd "Rock & Roll". And yes, Elvis will always be the "KING". Thank you Ron for the pic and SKeeter for the kind words of knowing the songs and singing. KEEP ROCKING GUYS!!! (From the lady in the neck collar):-)
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Submitted by Comments:
Rusty Cook
From: Douglasville, GA
E-mail: rustybaker7@yahoo.com
Great website. Brings back many memories.
Coachman, Virginia Beach, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Blackstone, Longwood, and don't forget Bardstown, KY. The bus picture looks great. Tell Chuck he's lucky I can't get his picture to do a Photoshop edit. Take care and Lord willing, I will surprise you someday.
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Submitted by Comments:
BILL BOYER /Richmond SHAG Club
From: Richmond , Virginia
E-mail: EyeOfEagleS@yahoo.com
I am Sooooo GLAD I don't have to drive to Fredericksburg to hear Y'all play at " The Coachman " !! But I WOULD ! You have the Depth and Bredth of Talent and Music that is amazing to find -- and a Bra**ection !

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Submitted by Comments:
Bill Carr
From: Philadelphia, PA
E-mail: bumpctybill@aol.com
Great site. I like the bios and photos and love those snippets. Your CD is always in the stack. I wish you nothing but success wih the upcoming projects.
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Submitted by Comments:
Dale Nixon
From: Mechanicsville
E-mail: runninonemty@comcast.net
Awesome web site. Brings back memories.
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Submitted by Comments:
Carmen Garrett
From: South Bend, Indiana
E-mail: carmnroy@peoplepc.com
Hi Ron:
Real nice website.
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Submitted by Comments:
Butch Halpin
From: North Carolina
Website: http://www.carolinasounds.com
E-mail: csbsdj@charter.net
Site looks awesome! Best of luck with "the road", the studio and the writing, brother. Hope to catch a public performance this year.
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Submitted by Comments:
From: Mechanicsville
E-mail: tcarper@synatlantic.org
Great Site! You did a fabulous job. The shirts and hats look great too! Can't wait to wear mine! Looking forward to Rockahock.
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Submitted by Comments:
Katey O'Brien
From: Newport News
Ron, it was great seeing you and the band in February. Ya'll sounded fantastic! We are enjoying hearing your songs performed by Billy Scott and Holiday Band. I know you must have been proud that "Closed for the Season" was nominated for a Cammy in the Smoothie category! Now that ya'll are back on the road again, Dan and I hope to see you often!
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