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Submitted by Comments:
Starla Lowe
From: Saint John New Brunswick, Cana
E-mail: twinkle-toes-@hotmail.com
I had the pleasure of talking to "Skeeter" while trying to help him with his stay for his New Years Bash at a Hotle I make reservations for....I am a big music lover and loved checking out this web site, the music is awesome! but YOU GUY'S NEED TO COME TO SAINT JOHN NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA!!!!!
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Ric Anthony
From: Richmond Country Club
Website: http://richmondcountryclubinc.com
E-mail: ricanthony@richmondcountryclubinc.com
Skeeter and Ron, you guys ROCK!!! It was a non stop party from the get go, all because of you all. The members havent stopped telling me how great a job you all did. They really enjoyed the selections and you guys just going from one song to the next in such a great flow....non stop!! What stamina you all have. Keep up the great work and I will have you all out for our next big event.


Ric Anthony and all your friends at Richmond Country Club
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Submitted by Comments:
Mary Lou Todd
From: Memphis, TN
E-mail: toddm@thomasonlaw.com
Great Website! The Centaurs live on!!! 40 Years and counting! You've come a long way since the gym at Hermitage High School -- hope to have the opportunity to hear you soon.

Mary Lou
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Submitted by Comments:
Dennis and Brenda Carter
From: Taylors, South Carolina
E-mail: Brde4@aol.com
Remember you from our younger dating days...yall rocked then and you rock now....D&B
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Submitted by Comments:
Jim Rose
From: Fredericksburg, Va.
E-mail: beachdj51@yahoo.com
Hey Guys - It was a pleasure & treat to play with you at the Turkey Twist! You have the tightest sound I've heard in years! Ron, keep up the writing. Looking forward to seeing & hearing you again in the near future...maybe in Myrtle Beach!
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Submitted by Comments:
Billy Holdsworth
From: Philly
E-mail: bill.holdsworth@umusic.com
Yo, Ron! After checking out this website, I definitely want those cd's!
I know Ron loves Philly for two reasons: Philly Soul, and, we gave the Redskins Sonny Jorgenson!
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Submitted by Comments:
Ellen Marshall
From: Colonial Beach, VA 22443
E-mail: emars@crosslink.net
It was a privilege and pleasure (and tons of fun!!)to hear you guys at Short Pump and Ashland this summer - so disappointed I was unable to get to Urbanna Oyster Festival! Looking forward to hearing you again at Turkey Twist in Fredericksburg! There just aren't enough superlative adjectives available to describe you guys - ALL of you are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME musicians!!!!!!!! Ron's voice hasn't lost a thing over the years - it's incredible!! Your bra**ection is really hot - Tower of Power - look out - you've got competition!!! Your vocals are great - harmonies impeccable!! And that drummer is super!!! I am partial to your bass player who I've known forever - your band has finally given him the showcase he deserves for his incredible talent and dedication to his craft. He is finally with a group of fine musicians on the same level as he is - it seems he is a perfect fit for you guys and your band is certainly a great place for him!!

Your song list incredibly reads like a list of all my favorites through the years - I could listen to you guys forever!!

The Ashland Concert was on my Mother's birthday -she has followed Richard's musical career since he was a teenager and she was thrilled when we surprised her with a trip to hear him again. She said it was her best birthday ever!!! Thanks guys - you made it easy to make her birthday special!

Another thing I noticed was that not only are all of you guys truly professional in your performances - but it is obvious you truly care that your audience is having as great a time as you are!!!

GREAT WEB SITE, by the way!!
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Submitted by Comments:
Mike Parker
From: Charles City, VA
Website: http://theriverrockers.com
E-mail: flashback49@yahoo.com
Hey Ron, You guys were terrific at the Urbanna Oyster Festival last Saturday. You have a great mix of music and the performance was very smooth. I had never seen you perform since the mid 60's. I play guitar with the Barracudas (since 1964), the River Rockers, and Backstage Pass bands. We are playing at some of the same clubs where you play, and I never get to see you all unless we are off for the night. I really enjoyed shagging to your music and watching the new line dance, too. I hope we will have a chance to do some shows with you soon and maybe sing some Righteous Brothers songs together.
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Submitted by Comments:
Nancy F. Curtis
From: Richmond, Va
E-mail: Sunshin889@aol.com
WOWEEeeeee!!!! Again, another fantastic night spent with "Ron Moody and the Centaurs"! Great Performance and Show guys, as always! You had Manchester "Rocking & Rolling" once again. Had the dance floor filled all evening. Hard not to be still when hearing you guys play. Even this ole' Scarecrow could not be still..hehehe. So many "Flashback Memories" again. Was so good to hear you all play again and watch you perform. Loved your outfits, Ron. So cool! Sorry we missed you at the pork festival. With my neck surgery and death of mother-n-law, we missed a lot this Summer. But we got to spend the evening with you once again under the "Lights at Manchester". Thanks again for a wonderful and enjoyable evening! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!!! Hope to see you again soon! (From the ole' dancing Scarecrow):-)
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Submitted by Comments:
Bill Carr
From: Philadelphia, PA
E-mail: bumpctybill@aol.com
Just wanted to say that I love your new CD. The lyrics are fantastic and the music is outstanding. This ones a keeper and I urge everyone to buy a copy. It comes with a fistful of head bopping and toe tapping tunes.
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