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Submitted by Comments:
Willie C
From: North Myrtle Beacg SC
E-mail: williec@sc.rr.com
Hi Ron, love the new CD "Gon' Dance" am playing many tunes from it on mys show. Godd luck with it, it should do real wee.
Best Regards,
Willie C.
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Submitted by Comments:
James "FOXX" Reddish
From: Monroe, NC
Website: http://www.foxx-worksmedia.com
E-mail: foxx@foxx-worksmedia.com
Hey Ron:
Love your new CD. It is very rare to get a cd in that I enjoy every song but this is the exception. I urge everyone to buy this great cd.
Thanks for calling in on the "Foxx" Birthday Show!
Sincerely Yours In Beach Music,

James Edward "Foxx" Reddish
Ocean Drive Jukebox Classics
Beach Music Alive In The Carolinas
Monroe, NC
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Submitted by Comments:
Johnny Draper
From: Weldon-Roanoke Rapids NC
E-mail: johnnydraper@embarqmail.com
Heard your tittle song of your new cd. SOUNDS GREAT! Can't wait to hear the entire cd. KEEP THE HITS COMING. Gon' Dance is NOW in my regular rotation on my show on the Great 98.
Hope to get you guys down for an outing soon.

Friday Beach Blast
5pm 8pm
Great 98 WTRG (97.9)
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Submitted by Comments:
Stacey Lee Moss
From: Smokin' Joe's BBQ Virginia
Website: http://smokinjoesbarbeque.com
E-mail: staceymoss90@gmail.com
Dear Ron & the Centaurs, Thank you so much for playing at our family business in Kilmarnock, VA! You were a smash hit. Our customers are still talking about (and will continue to rave) what a fantastic show you put on Aug. 31, '07. We can't wait to have you back again. What an outstanding night. Thanks again! Stacey
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Submitted by Comments:
Rick Moss/Smokin' Joe's BBQ
From: Kilmarnock, VA
Website: http://www.smokinjoesbarbeque.com
E-mail: corvette24@verizon.net
Ron Moody and the Centaurs, Just had to drop a line and let you know what a tremendous success it was to have you play at Smokin' Joe's BBQ on Friday Aug 31,2007. Its been difficult to get thru town the last couple of days, so many people want to stop and tell me what a great performance you put on and how much it meant to the town. Great song choice, great medelies, showmanship, well reheared, those guys must pratice all the time, how soon can you get them back, best thing that has happened to KIlmarnock all Summer. Pleasure working with you. Thanks, Rick
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Submitted by Comments:
Elnora Marion
From: Cumberland,Virginia
On the fourth of July, i saw Ron Moody and the Centaurs. I loved your music. Especially when you sang Elvis' songs! It was great! i really enjoyed myself. I hope to come and see you guys again! Thanks for signing my Cd's that Bruce Blackwell had given me.

keep rocking!

- Elnora Marion
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Submitted by Comments:
Jim Ring
From: Mechanicsville, VA
E-mail: jimringsales@comcast.net
Ron and the band,

I recently (August 5) had occasion to attend the Richmond Beach Music Festival. That day I heard you guys play for the first time since the Richmond Beach Music Festival of nineteen eighty-something. That day, if memory serves correct, you shared the stage with The Embers, The Band of Oz and a couple other acts. I was seared probably 50-75 yards from the stage and felt you held your own against those formidable bands.

Two weeks ago I watched from up close as the Craig Woolard Band, the Holiday Band,B2B and the Tams performed in addition to you. Each group was very good and certainly did not disappoint. But with all due respect to those bands, not one held a candle to the show put on by Ron Moody and the Centaurs. You sounded crisp, played with a lot of energy, looked like you wre having a great time and made all of us in the crowd feel appreciated. You exhibited the traits of a truly great band. Your group alone was worth the price of admission that day.
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Submitted by Comments:
mark imes
From: henrico
Website: http://www.thecedarcreekband.com
E-mail: markimes@yahoo.com
Hey everyone:

You guys have not missed a beat. It was great seeing you guys at The Civic Center. I hope we can do more jobs together in the future.

Keep on rockin

Mark Imes
Cedar Creek
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Submitted by Comments:
Maria (webmaster)
From: Mechanicsville
Website: http://smartimagesinc.com
Hey Ron! I just wanted to say Hello and to let you know we cannot wait to see you all performing at the Richmond Beach Music Festival on August 5!!!!

You are one of my best customers and I really really really appreciate your business.

Keep on singing ... even when the weather gets bad...

Maria Quintas
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Submitted by Comments:
From: Richmond, VA
E-mail: jettyea@chemtreat.com
What a cool website! I had so much fun looking at everything - especially the Memorabilia. My ex husband Jerry Spicer was a drummer WAY BACK WHEN and we both have such wonderful memories of a lot of good times we shared with Ron and the other members of the band. It's so good to know that you're all "still rockin"!
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